Rachel Jenae


It’s amazing how much can happen in 4 years.  I first picked up a camera and started shooting in the fall of 2007.  I jumped into an internship with the incredible Fred Egan Castleberry and was also second shooting for a lot of weddings at the time.  Someone gave me my first camera in the spring of 2008.  Then in the fall of that very same year my apartment was broken into and all of my camera and laptop equipment was stolen.  That was fun and character building. Then the last 3 years have been a whirlwind of enjoying the process of growing as a photographer (errr…enjoying might be stretching it). Lots of growing!  Paying off stolen equipment, saving for new equipment, questioning if I was even any good or if I really wanted to do this, lots of questioning, lots of tears, lots of frustration… but lots of refining happened during those years and continues to.

So today I am posting a couple pictures I took from that first year of shooting.  It’s one of my favorite first shoots and happens to be of a guy in a tie…perfect for Tie Tuesday!  Even though there’s lots of critiquing I could do about it and things I don’t like, I leave it on my site simply because to me it is where I started and shows how much I’ve grown as a photographer. It also reminds me of how much fun shooting was back then.  It was not an obligation or a ‘job’, it was creative, adventurous, raw fun!  The way I want it to always be!

Oh how much I’ve learned since this shoot!

(checkout the full shoot here)