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2009 Year in Review

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Number one reason I love blogging, because when I forget what has happened in a year I can just look back over past blogs (and journals too) and remember all that God has done. It’s funny how a year can … Continue reading

There’s nothing like family…

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This past weekend I flew up to Illinois for a family reunion and to surprise my grandparents for their 60th wedding anniversary! They knew their kids were coming, but did not know about all of the grandkids and great grandkids … Continue reading

Arizona adventures…

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Awh, my birth state! There’s just something about the midwest! Wide open spaces, mountains in every direction, no hiding trash or ugliness, snow and heat, a state that longs for rain daily, a state that holds a good portion of … Continue reading

dead sexy…

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Sometimes you can’t help but just be dead sexy! I know, I know, the question I hear from people everywhere, how can I be dead sexy like you, and my simple reply is, you must try to walk in my … Continue reading

A Whole New Adventure…

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Measuring Stick

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Tout visiteur du site souhaite acquérir simplement un antibiotique fiable pour la gorge contaminé chez un détaillant de médicaments de votre propre propriété . Oui, vous avez raison de continuer à profiter de l’acquisition. Assistance de bienvenue et plus grande … Continue reading


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This caught me off guard when I read it this morning, making me realize how poorly I do at really giving people my undivided attention. I try sometimes, but usually fail miserably, compared to the picture this article painted in … Continue reading