Rachel Jenae

Thanks Old Horse

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When I was little we had a horse on the one acre backyard of our house. The memories I have of that time in life are ideal. A beautiful, big house my parents built by hand. A short street of … Continue reading

What to do While Waiting for Mr. Right

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When asked to write a guest post for my dear friend Jory’s blog, she asked if I’d consider writing about being single. In my almost mid-thirties, I’m still waiting on the man God has for me. I tend to shy away from writing on this topic … Continue reading

Every Season of the Soul

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Five years ago today I started blogging. If you’d have told me then that I would still be blogging five years late and it would become such an outlet for my soul, I wouldn’t have understood at all. But somewhere … Continue reading

The Untapped, Unused, Unseen

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Fresh. Clean. Like pulling out a brand new clean sheet of paper to start writing or putting clean sheets straight out of the dryer onto your bed or putting on a brand new pair of fluffy socks…there’s something cozy about … Continue reading