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To Every Season Turn, Turn, Turn

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Over the last few weeks I’ve had a nagging thought on my mind.  A thought that I know can’t be answered on a whim or out of my current emotions.  It’s the thought and question, “Is it just too good … Continue reading

Don’t Refuse to Choose

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From as far back as I can remember I have had a broad aray of interests.  Then as I got older I realized not only do I have a lot of different interests, I have a lot of deep passions.  … Continue reading

the stuff real lives are made of…

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The above pictures are of my grandfather during WWII. He was a pilot. This is my mother’s father and he is the man who gave me my first camera! Knowing my grandfather from my perspective I’m sure it is very … Continue reading

2009 Year in Review

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Number one reason I love blogging, because when I forget what has happened in a year I can just look back over past blogs (and journals too) and remember all that God has done. It’s funny how a year can … Continue reading

A Whole New Adventure…

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I’ve been reading through some of these old blogs and the trips from last summer. God has such a sense of humor in the way He leads and guides us. To read my last post and see how badly I … Continue reading

Measuring Stick

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This is very close to exactly what I would write if I could describe how in any kind of a good description, what my heart longs to do each day! I realize more and more each day there are way … Continue reading


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This caught me off guard when I read it this morning, making me realize how poorly I do at really giving people my undivided attention. I try sometimes, but usually fail miserably, compared to the picture this article painted in … Continue reading