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This too will be Beautiful

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I’ll never fully be able to put into words the last few days. When God says He has a Christmas gift for you He goes far above and beyond what we could think in terms of “gifts”. We see so … Continue reading

I Hope it was Enough-A Tribute to a Life Lost

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It’s a hard wrestling match when you come up against a thing you don’t fully understand or are barely able to comprehend. It’s even harder living under the weight of knowing you must live with that un-grasped reality at the … Continue reading

Maternity: Mark & Katie Brown

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I’ve known Mark Brown for years now through church circles, but when he met Katie and started bringing her around I liked him even more. Katie is a sweet soul with a wealth of knowledge. She’s a practicing nurse and … Continue reading

Intentionality (Annual JBU Girls Trip)

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Once a year I get together with some incredible women that I met a short 10 years ago and it’s in those short times together I’m reminded a little more of who I want to be. For the last five … Continue reading

The Relentless Pursuit

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You know me inside out You know all my fears and my doubts You know why I do the things I do But you continue to…   You pursue me You pursue me You pursue me You pursue me still … Continue reading

Jocelyn’s Warrior

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This is from a recent issue of the women’s magazine (Studio G) produced at my church and an article written by Kassie Dulin. I love the design for this article, but I also really love Kassie’s take on life and … Continue reading

Don’t Forget

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  Don’t forget! You can’t forget this!  When the day seems dark and you feel incredibly weak and fear wants to creep in, remember He is all you need. He is enough. He satisfies. He is strong when you feel … Continue reading

He’s After One Thing

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Several years ago I went through a couple months where all I felt like all God did was ask me questions. “Why” questions.  “Why are you doing that?” “Why, Why, Why?” And each time I’d answer the question to something … Continue reading

The Greatest Danger

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  So often we compare our lives to others around us and quickly decide that the little that we’re doing is more than they’re doing so we’re doing good. We don’t want to do “too much”.  Our aim is set … Continue reading

The Haunting

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She was convinced.   That’s it? Just like that?  In a matter of moments?  Convinced of what?  Look in your own heart–you’ll see.  Convinced God was holding out on her.  Convinced she could not trust His heart toward her.  Convinced … Continue reading


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Some days I’m simply overwhelmed by my inadequacy.  I’ll be walking along doing life as normal and the next second caught up in myself.  Caught up in what I feel I’m lacking.  Caught up in an overwhelming desire to run. … Continue reading

Ashley’s Legacy

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It’s another fabulous Tuesday! I’ve been caught up in all of these stories and am addicted to hearing them now. The transformation, the beauty, the things I never would have known having just looked at the surface. I didn’t set … Continue reading