Rachel Jenae

I Never Want to Forget

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I never want to forget this season. When less felt like more. When a tiny kitchen was perfect. When the desert and heat of summer were a sweet answer to prayer. When quarantine prepared me for transition. When hard felt … Continue reading

Quarantine: Week 1

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With a little over a week into self-quarantine, I’ve been jotting down notes in my journal of all the processing. What a time to be alive! The whole world is in this together and we will come out on the … Continue reading

Thanks Old Horse

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When I was little we had a horse on the one acre backyard of our house. The memories I have of that time in life are ideal. A beautiful, big house my parents built by hand. A short street of … Continue reading

It’s All Gonna Work Out

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Over the last few months I’ve found myself saying repeatedly, “It’s all gonna work out!” And with that I throw my hands in the air and throw on a quirky smile. How? I’m not sure, but it continues to all … Continue reading

Retreat: A necessity

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Snow for a day has made this vacation even sweeter! It felt like Christmas waking up to a blanket of white, not to mention spending quality time with some of my most favorite people. I’ve retreated to the mountains of … Continue reading

Lessons from a Lighthouse

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If you look closely you’ll see a little lighthouse. Not doing anything flashy just standing steady. But when the dark of night descends and fog and storms roll in, that same lighthouse will shine her steady light – bright for … Continue reading


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There will be seasons where life doesn’t make sense. Embrace the questions. There will be seasons when you feel on cloud nine. Embrace the joy. There will be seasons when you feel you’re not going to make it. Embrace grace. There … Continue reading

Lessons in Life

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Life never turns out quite as we picture. Take for instance my plans a year ago.  I was moving out of an apartment with a roommate and she was going to live with family, while I had not clue what … Continue reading