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A Birthday for Micah Jayne

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“I am who I aspire to be!” -Micah Jayne I love quotes and phrases. I love how they capture so much more than the words in them. They reach past time, past our situations and our circumstances and they grip … Continue reading

Anytime: Caroline Creates

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I had the opportunity to shoot a few business photos for a new friend that I met at the Making Things Happen event in Houston recently and thought I’d share and give some big props to Caroline who, as of … Continue reading

Court & Lauryn Love

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She tells the story best, in much more detail and suspense. She spotted him long before he did her and she knew.  She knew he was the one. As we sat around dinner Lauryn told the story of how she … Continue reading

2010 Year in Review

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I’ve always loved change.  When I was younger I loved the new people I’d meet, the new adventures I’d experience, the new world I’d see and most of all the unknown that would then be known.  As I got older … Continue reading

Joy to the World!

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Tis the season!  For joy… for love…for peace…for celebrating…for enjoying dear friends and family and remembering how incredibly blessed we are!  I love buying gifts and finding exactly the right gift for every person.  I love celebrating and I’ve come … Continue reading

Benjamin’s Birthday Celebration!

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I believe in celebrating.  I believe in celebrating milestones.  I believe in celebrating milestones, birthdays, holidays and any other event that helps us as a poor-memory human beings commemorate a season in life.  While I’ve never been a huge fan … Continue reading

Sushi Night Extravaganza…

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I suppose it was bound to happen after attending an incredible event this past weekend (Making Things Happen with Lara Casey), but the camera is out in full-swing and there’s bound to be a lot more in the near future. … Continue reading

Life: In the Air

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I wondered if I should have brought earplugs as the planes zipped by breaking the sound barrier with every whip around!  It felt like I was on the set of Top Gun and at any minute Tom Cruise and Val … Continue reading

Black & White Babes

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Cause We Don’t Sweat Enough in Texas

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One of my favorite parts about this past summer was getting together with a big group of people at the Grapevine park on Sunday afternoons and playing Ultimate Frisbee.  20-40 people would usually show up and amidst scorching 106 degree … Continue reading

Johny & Tara Love

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As promised here are the pictures from the shoot with Johny & Tara!  They are an awesome couple I have enjoyed getting to know!  They both beam with love and zeal for life and a genuine heart for people!  Both … Continue reading

To Every Season Turn, Turn, Turn

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Over the last few weeks I’ve had a nagging thought on my mind.  A thought that I know can’t be answered on a whim or out of my current emotions.  It’s the thought and question, “Is it just too good … Continue reading