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Sustainability, 10 Years and Going

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Ok, I’m trying to get back on these Friday Follows!  I’ve been out of town the last several weekends and kind of fallen behind, but here’s to getting back on the ball! I’ve had the privilege of meeting some incredible … Continue reading


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“When I was at my worst, I thought my life would be over soon.” “I actually have a 4 year-old son that I lost for a few years because of my drug addiction.  I was broken, far off, lost.” “I … Continue reading

Seemingly Insignificant

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It’s rarely the big things in life that make the biggest changes, but rather the small, seemingly insignificant and overlooked that change things the most. Sliding under our radar of ‘important’ and ‘valuable’ those objects, those people, those ideas, those … Continue reading

Your Choice

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We all get to choose.  Not choosing is choosing.  We get to choose if we will fully surrender our lives to whatever the adventure is that God places in front of us.  We get to choose to follow.  We get … Continue reading

No More Excuses

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“Our desire is to see a school established where a group of young people from all over Europe, America and beyond can be given the tools necessary to walk in the fullness of their gifting and callings.” A huge part … Continue reading