Rachel Jenae

You’re Enough

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In January I led worship for a small women’s retreat called Refresh.  We had planned for this event for a year and six months earlier I was asked to co-lead the worship with a friend. I was excited to be … Continue reading

The Lost Art of Choosing

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I was recently approached by a few friends on the topic of choice and the growing number of individuals who seem lost in the limbo of life not being able to put it to practice.  The discussion had started when … Continue reading

We are in a War

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I’m not sure if it’s because we live in America or we’ve always been taken care of with ease from our middle class upbringing, but somewhere in the middle of it all we have forgotten a lot of really simple, … Continue reading

Don’t Forget

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  Don’t forget! You can’t forget this!  When the day seems dark and you feel incredibly weak and fear wants to creep in, remember He is all you need. He is enough. He satisfies. He is strong when you feel … Continue reading


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Oh SHE. She who dances in the face of danger. She who laughs when life is hard. She who loves even when it hurts. She who takes time to smell the roses. She who listens intently. She who seems reckless … Continue reading

Risky Business

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We were all taking a risk.  More than we knew in our young age, but a risk just the same.  None of us knew what the outcome would bring and most of us didn’t even worry about it. We were … Continue reading

Joel’s Happily Every After

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We met over dark chocolate.  It bonded us through our weakness, or maybe his kindness in understanding mine.  He laughed a lot and had a way of making others do the same.  There was something in his childlike smile that … Continue reading

My Story: A Battle for Perfect Peace

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It was a part I hadn’t shared in some time. The part where I was a fearful, anxious, completely absorbed in my own struggles, mess of a mind person, breaking down daily and quite possibly the neediest person around. Oh ya, that … Continue reading