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Oh if it weren’t for Fathers

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Aide à L’acheteur 24h. Confidentialité Totale. Idéal Bonne Qualité. Pharmacie En Ligne De Réduction De Prix Fournissant Des Médicaments. Tout Le Monde Souhaite Acquérir La Confiance Au Sein De La Pharmacie De La Propriété Proprement Dite Ici his explanation Sans … Continue reading

This Begs the Question

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“This begs the question; where is the line, that once crossed, will transform a person from an ally to an enemy?  The Founding Fathers recognized that a citizen can become a domestic enemy of our country…”  My Uncle Mike has … Continue reading

Thoughts on gratefulness

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Several years ago I made a present for a good friend.  I put a lot of time and effort into this gift and was sure that she would love it.  I had carefully thought out every detail and how it … Continue reading

the stuff real lives are made of…

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The above pictures are of my grandfather during WWII. He was a pilot. This is my mother’s father and he is the man who gave me my first camera! Knowing my grandfather from my perspective I’m sure it is very … Continue reading

There’s nothing like family…

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This past weekend I flew up to Illinois for a family reunion and to surprise my grandparents for their 60th wedding anniversary! They knew their kids were coming, but did not know about all of the grandkids and great grandkids … Continue reading

Arizona adventures…

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Awh, my birth state! There’s just something about the midwest! Wide open spaces, mountains in every direction, no hiding trash or ugliness, snow and heat, a state that longs for rain daily, a state that holds a good portion of … Continue reading