Rachel Jenae

I’ve Got You

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I’ve always known that increasing weight and resistance in the gym would increase strength and perseverance. I remember in high school working my way up from bench-pressing the 35 lb bar to eventually pressing 150 lbs my senior year.  I … Continue reading

Blessed Assurance

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Risky Business

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What if…

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What if.  What if there were no boundaries on our lives?  What if money were not a constant obstacle? What if race, culture, religion and the four walls of our church building did not seperate us from embracing and loving others?  What … Continue reading

A Whole New Adventure…

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Tout le monde désire obtenir des médicaments abordables pour éviter la calvitie prématurée à l’intérieur de la pharmacie dans cette pharmacie en ligne ouvertement! Et bénéficiez de la livraison gratuite. Il y a tellement d’informations sur les médicaments sur ce … Continue reading