Rachel Jenae

The 2011 Year in Review

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It started with change on the horizon. I’d just moved into a new house a few months before the end of the year and was about to embark on a new job. My heart was still full and overflowing from much … Continue reading

The Holiday Catch-up!

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I’ve taken a short hiatus from blogging to simply unplug and be with family and friends over the holidays which has left me completely refreshed and energized for the new year. So much of … Continue reading

The Greatest Danger

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  So often we compare our lives to others around us and quickly decide that the little that we’re doing is more than they’re doing so we’re doing good. We don’t want to do “too much”.  Our aim is set … Continue reading

Memorial Weekend

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Big Expectations

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Last week I told myself I would write no blogs. I did too much other writing and most of it didn’t  make sense anyways.  Ten days into another year and this last week I finally found some time to start really writing out … Continue reading