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Christmas 2010!

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Christmas with my family is always the best time of year! We were all together for a whole week at my parents house in Arkansas and it only left me wanting more time and feeling incredibly blessed for such a … Continue reading

2010 Year in Review

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I’ve always loved change.  When I was younger I loved the new people I’d meet, the new adventures I’d experience, the new world I’d see and most of all the unknown that would then be known.  As I got older … Continue reading

Joy to the World!

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Tis the season!  For joy… for love…for peace…for celebrating…for enjoying dear friends and family and remembering how incredibly blessed we are!  I love buying gifts and finding exactly the right gift for every person.  I love celebrating and I’ve come … Continue reading

Four Years in the Making

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Where were you four years ago?  What was significantly happening in your life at that time?  In two more days it will mark four years ago that I started this blog.  I can’t remember what made me start it. I don’t … Continue reading

Caterpillar Thoughts, Perspective & Soul Searching

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My mind feels a bit like mush this morning as I try to process why my heart feels mushy too.  And what I mean by mushy is that I feel sappy.  Like hearing about anything sad could push me over … Continue reading

Cause We Don’t Sweat Enough in Texas

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One of my favorite parts about this past summer was getting together with a big group of people at the Grapevine park on Sunday afternoons and playing Ultimate Frisbee.  20-40 people would usually show up and amidst scorching 106 degree … Continue reading