Rachel Jenae

A Little Glimpse of Spokane

Travel has always inspired me. It invigorates and in a way breathes life into me with each new place I see. I’m not sure when I realized this, but it’s contagious. I love meeting new people, hearing their stories, seeing life from a new perspective and making new friends! I’ve always been this way, at least as far back as I can remember. From church camps to basketball camps to working a summer camp to college to travel… I can’t get enough!

Recently my younger brother moved up to Spokane, Washington. It was a tough decision to move far from any close family, but he quit his job, bought a truck and followed what he felt God had placed in his heart to move to the northwest. Sad that I wouldn’t be seeing him more often, I have to admit I was also excited to be able to visit the northwest more frequently with a good excuse.

I had no idea exactly how many people I knew that were actually up in that area, but I was able to see not only good friends in Spokane, but also a couple of cousins and a close family friend about thirty minutes away!

It was a refreshing trip, full of beauty, amazing weather, laughter like it should be exercised every day and getting to spend some great time with my family (older brother’s fam excluded). Then of course there was also, four days of staying up way too late, which has carried over into my last week, and stepping away from what always seems to be a busy life just to take a breather. I love my life, my job and community in Dallas, but breather’s are good and needed.

I have to admit it was hard to return to the Dallas humidity and 100 degree weather… but alas, I returned and feel like God deposited a new grain of joy in my heart, even in the midst of several challenges I’ve been walking through. I truly believe the joy of the Lord gives our heart the ability and strength to stand in the midst whatever we’re facing and stand firm on His truth without wavering, without doubting and without a loss of hope. Something we all need a little more of most days.

So take a second… inhale a deep breath… and count your blessings. Take in the beauty of God’s creation and rest in His unfailing love today. Here is a glimpse of beautiful Spokane and the beautiful people I got to visit!