Rachel Jenae

Anytime: Stories of TKU

Over the last six months I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing a lot of TKU students and hearing their stories. ¬†Stories of God’s voice directing each student to a small university in Texas where He had much in store. Stories where God led people near and far, who were willing to listen, to sell all, and follow Him into another adventure. Each story so unique, but all so incredibly clear that our God is near and wants to be involved in our day-to-day decisions and has great plans in store if we’ll simply listen and obey.

As one who has prayed for the nations for over 15 years and has constantly asked for more open doors to go, in this season I have seen God answer that prayer in a way I never expected. He has brought the nations to me – students from the Netherlands, China, Australia and all across the U.S.! ¬†It didn’t see it till recently, but God has been positioning me to answer my prayers.

I chuckle as I think about how many areas of my life God is setting up the circumstances to answer the prayers of little girl from a town of 200 in back woods of Arkansas. I wonder how many times I’ve fought Him because what He was doing looked so different from what I expected. I have to wonder how many times He’s taken me through fire or up a mountain in order to enlarge my character and give me perseverance to be able to hold the answer to one of my own prayers.

I’m in awh of His graciousness with me and the way He really is using all things together for our good.

Because photos are always a great way to end a post, here are some of the student photos from this semester. You can read there stories HERE.