Rachel Jenae

Sushi Night Extravaganza…

I suppose it was bound to happen after attending an incredible event this past weekend (Making Things Happen with Lara Casey), but the camera is out in full-swing and there’s bound to be a lot more in the near future.  I’m still processing so much of what happened at the event, but all around it was good.  More to come on all of that at a later date.

In other news, I had the pleasure of attending Sushi Night #2 with a great group of friends on Sunday night and though I didn’t make any rolls myself, I’m pretty sure I could if I needed to.  I did, however, try a few slices of each roll made!  Mmmmm!  Sushi might be my absolute favorite food!  Probably because it captures my sweet and salty tooth in one small bite that never seems to fill me up!  BUT… I will tell you what NOT to eat.  EVER.  Any “icecream” desert claiming to be a green tea taste or a popsicle that says it has green beans in it.  Sorry… that might have been the worst thing I’ve ever tasted!  Why would one even think to put green beans in a desert?  That’s just plain silly.

So welcome to Sushi Night #2!

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