Rachel Jenae

A Birthday for Micah Jayne

“I am who I aspire to be!”
-Micah Jayne

I love quotes and phrases. I love how they capture so much more than the words in them. They reach past time, past our situations and our circumstances and they grip something deep within us.

The quote above is one I’ve thought about for years. Micah made the statement when she was probably 15 and didn’t think much about it, but it has stuck with me ever since. It has always reminded me that no matter what age I am, where I am in life, what my present circumstances look like, I can choose today to be who I aspire to be tomorrow. Even if I don’t quite believe it, or see it, I can choose to believe the truth of who I really am. I can choose and believe that God will finish all that He has started in me. This is now one of my favorite quotes.

Micah Jayne is an amazing young woman and one I’ve had the pleasure of watching grow and mature in her walk with the Lord as well as her gifts and talents. She will blow you away at how talented she is and how not afraid she is to shine! She turned 19 this past week and last night we documented a little of the celebrating! Happy birthday beautiful Micah!

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