Rachel Jenae

Life is Always Better Together

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Visiting northwest Arkansas is always a treat, especially in the spring. Nature is in full bloom and the hundreds of outdoorsy people living in the area are out enjoying it. I got to hangout and catch up with an old college friend and then visit my old college, John Brown University, which is growing by leaps and bounds! I’ve pretty much decided I should go back just to enjoy all of the upgrades they’ve done! Then I got to spend a fully day with my brother, Heidi and my favorite little niece and nephew! Good times are always had.

But this trip was specifically dedicated to getting together with some of my best girlfriends from college (JBU). I look forward to our once a year get together all year and the memories and laughs that will be had! We’ve definitely all dubbed it “soul-sister weekend” at one time or another. There’s nothing like it! This year marks our Sixth (I think) Annual “Soul Sister” weekend and it’s hard to believe we’ve been able to keep it up with so many kids added to the mix, but I’m so grateful that we have. These women are all solid rocks and I love getting to do life with them even from afar!  So here’s a glimpse at our weekend!

These first few are from downtown Siloam Springs, where JBU resides.

We had a baby shower for Laura on Saturday…

And since three of my beautiful friends had just recently had babies, we had these three little boys joining us for the weekend. (From left: Marcus, Cully and Ryder)

After the shower we decided to go to a nearby park and have a little photoshoot…here’s all of us we got a random passerby to take.

And all of the boys…from the left…little, bigger, biggest!

Here is Lisa and 7 wk old Marcus. None of us could get enough of those little cheeks!

Here is beautiful Quin!

Here’s is Christie and 6 week old Cully Jace. Isn’t he a just adorable?!

Thanks to Kylie for snapping these…

Here’s Laura and her cute little belly bump, due mid-June!

Here is Kylie…

She decided to entertain us for a little bit…

And here’s a few of Kylie and 5 month old Ryder, the happiest little boy.And And that wraps up our wonderful weekend…until NEXT TIME!