Rachel Jenae

Halie Tucker’s Birthday & Photo Extravaganza!

Early this summer I attended a surprise birthday party for a new friend, Ms. Halie Tucker!  It was evident very quickly that Halie is an amazing individual and admired greatly by her friends and family!  Though I don’t know her or her family very well you can tell, even by looking at the pictures below, that they are a special family!  Right before dinner her two brothers spoke some very honoring and admiring words to her and though they weren’t crying I think most everyone else was getting teary eyed.

As the evening progressed we had an all-out photo shoot for all the girls!  It was an awesome evening!  Not sure why I forgot to post these sooner, probably just a lack of time, but here they are!


Sibling bonding time…
Meet the Tucker Family
Thanks to Mr. Seth for taking most of these!


The whole group!

The girls jumped in at the end of the night!
Then a few shots on the edge with Ms. Rachel Sip

What a great night!