Rachel Jenae

Benjamin’s Birthday Celebration!

I believe in celebrating.  I believe in celebrating milestones.  I believe in celebrating milestones, birthdays, holidays and any other event that helps us as a poor-memory human beings commemorate a season in life.  While I’ve never been a huge fan of New Year’s (I just think it’s overrated in the holiday world), I do love it for what it does.  It provides a start and a finish.  As humans the biggest thing we lack in understanding is time. There is just no way for our finite minds to comprehend it in fullness.  So what do we do?  We make calendars and weekly planners and clocks and…holidays and events that will help us grasp it to a small degree.

Then on the other hand… I just love celebrating period!  I love a good reason to get a fun group of friends together and just enjoy life together!  Why not!

So in honor of our friend Mr. Benjamin Gilmore’s 27th year milestone, we did some celebrating!!!  Surprise party, confetti, balloons, cupcake decorating contest and an all around great time with friends…my kind of party!  So here you  have it! Happy Birthday Benjamin… you are a jolly good fellow, a jolly good fellow,,, a jolly good fellow.

Minda and Lauryn’s corn on the cob.

Laura’s Benji Love and Ashley’s…um… white sea of dying fish??

Halie’s Turkey and Tara’s Gummy bear volleyball party in the park.

I’m actually not sure who’s this was, but it was my personal favorite. Cute little porcupine!

Morgan’s beach getaway and Court’s golf course with sandtrap!

And the winner of the 2010 Cupcake Contest goes to…..

Reidland Tucker!!!  And I’m sure you can easily guess what this is… yep… that was right, Moses leading the Israelites through the Red Sea with staff in hand and fire behind them.  Duh.