Rachel Jenae

Court & Lauryn Love

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She tells the story best, in much more detail and suspense.

She spotted him long before he did her and she knew.  She knew he was the one.

As we sat around dinner Lauryn told the story of how she first met Court and knew so quickly that he was the one for her.  Not your typical story, but a great one just the same.  She every so slyly made sure she was always around and if I recall correctly even made the first move to call him and hangout.  He was oblivious to her motives, lost in his own world, until much later…dum, dum, dum…when his eyes were suddenly opened to her dashing beauty and charm.  He was lost in the sparkle of her eye and well…. that’s when the real pursuit began.  (At least that’s Lauryn’s side of the story)

Well here they are!  This beautiful couple that just officially “put a ring on it”!  It was only a matter of time, and with Lauryn waiting on pins and needles Court knew he had to think up something good!  These two are beautiful inside and out and their genuine welcoming love to everyone has been so, so fun to get to know! And not to mention this shoot was such a blast and these two should be models!  Be sure and leave them some blog love!

Love you guys!