Rachel Jenae

“To cross over and possess the promise, you have to go through the valley of Baca” (Psalm 84). Right before times of breakthrough, God will often lead us through narrow and tight places. The pressure and the closed-in feeling many of you have been feeling is you walking through that narrow place. Many die spiritually or get stuck in the hallway of transition because they stop moving forward; they don’t have the endurance and stamina to go through.

God brings us through narrow places because not everything can go with us into our new season. We have to leave the baggage from our last season. You’re in a hallway right now, attached from your last season to your new season. To reach your breakthrough you have to go through.” -Madeline James

This couldn’t feel more true in my present season. At some point I may share more, but several months ago I heard God say, “just take the next step, we’re walking through.” And it has felt like Madeline described above. I suddenly realize that it’s God’s kindness to lead me into that narrow place once again, because it’s the only way to rid me of the things He knows would cripple me in the next season. It’s easy to spot the bad things that we shouldn’t take with us through, but there’s also good things that cannot go with us. And I wonder how often God is telling us there’s a new season ahead, but we fail to also hear His beckoning to let go of the old before we can walk into it. Breakthrough comes one step at a time as we keep moving forward and don’t make camp in the middle. The middle of our waiting. The middle of our battle. The middle of our pain. My faith is not always as steady as I wish it was, but He is and He knows and identifies with all my weakness and while I’m hard on me, he is gracious and compassionate. We can let go of everything else and lean into all that He is to carry us through. He is more than able.