Rachel Jenae

You are Powerful Beyond Measure

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I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to fully summarize all that happened in my short two weeks out to Redding, CA.  I attended Bethel’s WorshipU school and God did and spoke so much in those days, but even beyond the school it was the most refreshing trip I’ve ever taken. It was packed to the brim with new friends, exploring the mountains and lakes, photo shoots and random other events, but it ignited something in my soul that I didn’t know had been asleep. It reminded me of how incredibly powerful God created us to be. Created in His image it’s hard to understand how we miss this piece.

P U R E. G O O D N E S S.
My smile below perfectly expresses how I feel about the last two weeks. God spoke so much and I have tons to process, but head home with such a full heart. Grateful for everything the @worshipu team put into making it such a phenomenal school. Equipped, empowered, liberated,…yep…all the good things! Thank you!!
?: @seabroccoli

My wonderful friend Andy picked me up from the San Fransisco airport, almost killed me in the heat wanting to keep the jeep top off in 100 degree temps (they never warned me of norCal heat!) He treated me to a sushi bowl that changed my life and drove me all the way to Redding only to turn around and drive back!  What a friend!

I stayed with 4 incredible girls that felt like kindred spirits in the most restful home. Each of them invited me to join them on different adventures. Down to the tiniest of details God had laid out this trip divinely.