Rachel Jenae

What’s Your Driver?

If smiles made the world go round these boys would be the propellor.
I’ve been thinking a lot about drivers in life, “propellers” of sorts, and how any driver, if given permission, can rule and direct the course of your life. Fear, striving, insecurity, shame, vision, passion, heart, family, legacy. That driver can run you ragged and lead you up the highest mountain. It can propel you past limits and beyond boundaries of fear. If it’s a wrong driver it can even lead you into doing all the right things for all of the wrong reasons. So I’ve been continually asking myself these questions: What is it you’ve been commissioned to do? What is it that you alone contribute in a unique way? What is it that drives you? Cause if it’s anything other than rooted snd grounded in love, you may one day stand at the end of your life with your hands and heart still empty.