Rachel Jenae

South Africa-Part 2

The second half of our trip kicked off with an all day women’s conference with several local churches. It was a sweet day represented by 22 different nationalities. A beautiful view of the “Rainbow nation” right before our eyes. Women’s conferences are not common in South Africa, but the house was full on that rainy Saturday. Michelle Cohen spoke in the morning and afternoon and the deep work God was doing in these women was evident in the ministry time to follow each session. A sweet grace was present throughout the entire day, stirring hearts, mending wounds, healing deep places only God can touch. As the day went on there was a lightness about these women, as if they’d taken off years of baggage. Their eyes brighter and smiles showing a hint of mischievousness, as if God had told them a private secret. A secret about they’d forgotten that they were born to know-they were His daughters.

Sunday we had the honor of joining Doxa Deo church in downtown Pretoria for an amazing morning. These beautiful people really know how to worship! Here we saw Africa with a glimpse of tribal attire, language and dance come together with modern day. Their expression of God’s heart was so evident in the way they worship.

A handful of our team went down to hangout with the kids and were quickly informed we would be ministering. Nothing like speaking on the fly to 50 or so kids to get you jazzed. We shared on the story of Noah and his obedience to obey the call of God on his life, then we invited the kids to share promises from God that they were holding onto. This was probably my favorite part of the entire trip. Hearing kids from the ages of 4-12 share the promises of God in such simplicity that I was reminded of how often we overcomplicate the Word of God. Come as a child-it’s really quite simple.
Next we connected with Rhema Church. We were in awe of their hospitality and it marked us with a desire to improve our own. They’re a larger church in the Johannesburg metroplex and one that has been around for a little over 30 years. We hung out with their volunteers before the service and after were invited to a birthday dinner for the young adults pastor. I couldn’t get over how similar this felt to a night in Dallas and hanging out with my own friends. Here we were across the globe and so easily connecting with the hearts of others and now… new friends. Thanks to all of you that made us feel right at home!

And to wrap it all up, here are just a few of our team and some of our favorite places. I’m so grateful for every person God put on this team. You each brought a unique perspective, encouragement, love, and spontaneity that made our team fit together so perfectly. In 10 short days God knit our hearts together with peace and joy that I’ll never forget. Thanks for the incredible memories… #G2SAfrica, #TL, #TIA, #TI?, #GSL, #Jewsforcheeses #TREES! #LookthereisanIndigenousAfricanJewunderatree… and many, many more.

Thank You God for all that you did on this trip-in and through us. Thank You for every person we met and were able to connect with and minister to. And most of all, thank You for what you’re going to continue doing in this beautiful nation in the coming days, weeks and years!