Rachel Jenae

This Never Gets Old

This never gets old. Gods presence is unlike anything else. We were made to know Him and to worship Him. Everything changes when Jesus walks in a room and we make room for His presence. Everything.

I met Jesus at the age of 6 years old, but around 16 years old I found myself at a youth camp completely undone in Gods presence and something forever shifted in my heart and life. No matter when, no matter where, no matter who, I was saying yes to following Him. And that yes has rarely made sense, especially to the world and culture we live in, but that yes has led me on adventures far and wide, through storms and valleys with comfort and hope, but most of all confident that there’s nothing impossible for God. Nothing too hard. Nothing to ugly. Nothing to small. I’ve seen Him do it all. We will never have Him figured out. We will never grasp His great love – it will never make sense – that’s why this will never get old! #gwsc18

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