Rachel Jenae

Ships in Harbor

“Ships are safe in the harbor, but that’s not what ships were built for.” -Grace Hopper
Safety was never the aim. Sure, the shore is much safer than raging seas, but void of purpose and calling. Shores and docks were made for rest and repair, but never meant for life. Prepare for the waves, prepare for the winds, but meet them with confidence knowing you were created to face them and ride over them. It will take a great crew, and the steady guidance of an adventurous captain leading you on, but you were made for oceans deep. —–
If safety was the goal of life, God would have made roses without thorns, lions without teeth and the ocean with no depth. If safety was the goal then birds wouldn’t fly and mountains wouldn’t scale to great heights. No, safety was never the aim of this life, because God has always known who we really are and our authority on this earth. He made all of creation a playground for a great adventure with Him. A playground for kings and queens to rule and increase His kingdom domain. But sin. It tainted our perspective of the heights and depths. It twisted our courageous hearts and allowed fear to creep in and feed us a different story. That you are small. That you must play life small. That the risk is too great. That God is distant and uninvolved and wouldn’t rescue you even if He could. So it’s better to just look at the adventure and stay safe than to risk and fail. Ah yes, failure. The biggest lie of them all. That invisible measuring stick. The measuring stick that says you must always gain and never lose. But in Gods kingdom up is down and down is up. Who told you failure equals losing? Who told you success equals winning? Who made that measuring stick you hold up against your life?
Yes, I would bet that their will be a great many at the end of their days when the Father asks, “What did you enjoy most?” that answer with “I love the way the waves crash against the shore.” And the Father smiles and then replies, “But did you see the way they crash and dance when you are in the middle of them? Or the stillness and beauty when there’s nothing else but water all around? Or the stillness and beauty when there’s nothing else but water all around? Or did you see the way the sun reflected off the deepest ocean blues? Oh! Or my favorite! Did you love the majesty of stillness on the sea with the mountains all around you?”
What wonders does He have in store for those He loves.