Rachel Jenae

Peace in the Storm

“There is just something about courage that causes the enemy to know he is already defeated, because courage is immune to his primary weapon, which is fear. Courage is peace in the storm, the inability to be alarmed by the enemy. When we can sleep in the storm, be calm in the face of battle and not panic in the midst of opposition, we have broken the back of the devil…Courage manifested through peace is a powerful weapon of warfare. After all, the God of peace is crushing Satan under our feet (Rom 16:20)…Courage is one of the attributes of royalty that can’t be underestimated. Courage is not just seen in the great exploits applauded by men. More often courage lies in the quietness of a life that REFUSES to bow to the cesspool of darkness that tugs daily at our souls.”
-The Supernatral Ways of Royalty by @kvministries