Rachel Jenae

New Year & New Dreams

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“When we receive an inheritance, we are freely getting what someone else paid a price for. Inheritance makes each generation responsible to both receive and honor what was passed on from the previous generation, and then pay their own price to make it grow so that the next generation starts ahead of them. The ceiling of one generation must become the floor of the next. This requires us to act with awareness that our actions affect generations ahead of us. …God intended His Kingdom to advance with each succeeding generation. When one generation has been “fruitful and multiplied” the next generation starts out ahead of where they would have…” (The Supernatural Ways of Royalty by @kvministries)
Its a new year, full of new beginnings and in the wake of goals and dreams and intentional planning, I’ve spent more time this year than ever looking back into the years of my life that got me here. It’s been a research project I didn’t know I was getting into. I’ve been reading through every old journal and pulling out the gold. The nuggets that were defining moments, forks in the road or wisdom I may need reminded. The collection I’ve found is astounding. The record of Gods goodness is overwhelming. And I’m reminded yet again of a beautiful inheritance I did not earn and a responsibility to not only maintain the lot I’ve been given, but to be fruitful in every good work in expanding that lot. It’s not enough to simply receive a great inheritance and plan to enjoy it, but in order to honor what was given we must build again, dream again, and risk again. That’s my intention in 2018. There’s no time to waste. There’s no task too small, no discipline to petty. No dream to big, no call to wild to obey. To whom much is given, much is required and at the end of the day maybe we should all just take a good look in the mirror and remind ourselves of the much we’ve been given. Not in comparison, but in humble adoration of all you have never deserved from a King who wanted you to be family and not foe. Start there. Clean out anything in your heart but that and then, maybe, there will be room for all the new things to grow that He wants to breathe upon.