Rachel Jenae

New Vision

“The birth of a new vision will necessitate a lifestyle adjustment.” @refresh_women @sarahhelenabirkbeck

We all have dreams, hopes and aspirations. Realized or still hidden, they’re the deep things – the God planted parts of His heart put in each of us. We long for them to be fully alive, to be fully awakened. In some seasons we get glimpses of them and ask for more. More clarity of vision, clarity of purpose, and we long for sight to see what He sees.
As a dear friend reminded me today, vision requires something of us. Do we really know what we’re asking for? It requires us to make room for the new. It requires adjustments and changes. It needs daily watering to bring to fruition, to grow strong and healthy. And I wonder if many times for the new to come, God is actually waiting on us to first make room.
Maybe the vision you’re asking for is waiting on you. Have you made room for the last thing God gave you vision for? Have you been faithful to let go of the old, or is God still waiting on you to make room – change some things – before He brings the new?