Rachel Jenae

New Song for a New Day

When you raise your voice,

All your enemies flee.

You sound like your Father,

roaring from victory.

Sometimes in the moments and seasons where it feels the hardest to raise your voice it’s when you need to raise it the most. You may feel weak or tired, discouraged or even paralyzed in fear, but your voice carries power and authority because of who you are and Whose you are.
. . .
“So”, whispered the good shepherd, “you need to learn to sing. Then you wouldn’t hear their voices.” (Hannah Hernard, Hinds Feet on High Places) Funny how one short line in a book written decades ago can change your life. All of a sudden you realize what you need to do after months of stumbling in the unknown.

Sing again. Raise your voice again. Or maybe learn to sing and declare for the first time. Because when you do, you’ll drown out all the voices of all your enemies who keep whispering lies of doubt and fear in your ears. Instead, pick up a new strategy – release your own roar. It might just surprise you. It might remind you of who you are. It might sound just like your Father’s roar. And it might just be your victory song.