Rachel Jenae

Look Closely


If there’s one thing that scares me, one thing that continues to gnaw at my heart, it’s the thought of wasting my time away.  The thought of getting so caught up in today that I forget it is shaping and building my tomorrow. To be so short-sighted that I turn around 60 years from now and realize I was looking down every day instead of up and out. That I made my life about me instead of giving it away.

A friend of mine posted the quote above on twitter a while back and I have been reading over it again and again.  There is often such a disconnect between what we are now living and what we dream to be living. We are often disillusioned with the idea that “all of a sudden” our world will be as we hoped and dreamed, instead of reminding ourselves daily to put in the work, do the work, sow in the field towards that harvest of tomorrow. We serve a God who set up the world of sowing and reaping. We do not reap where we do not sow.  Being stewards of the time we’ve been given is just as important as being stewards of the money we are entrusted with.

Look closely! What are you building with your time? What are you investing in? What are you planting? What do you want to reap tomorrow in that future you dream of? Do you dream of deep relationships?  Do you hope for a better job? What is it you desire? What is you long for? We must connect these questions to the results of our every day investments. We cannot have one without the other. In the answering of these questions desire will show you the next step to take today.  Hidden deep in every heart is a roadmap of desire written by a Father who knows you better than you know yourself. Desire that will lead you. Desire will help you toss out petty questions on petty problems on the surface of your life today and call you deep into the adventure of constructing a life that is worth living for your future tomorrow.

Look closely at what you’re putting your hand to today. Be faithful, yes, be faithful.  Work hard, yes, do the work.  But look close. Look past today, tomorrow and the next day. Look 60 years down the road to a life you hope to have lived in retrospect. A life you didn’t waste. A life you didn’t hold tightly and safe and comfortable to. A life you gave away.  A life you built and constructed and invested in that bears much fruit on that day.  A life your children’s, children’s children and many past them, bear the fruit of.

Look closely today.