Rachel Jenae

Though I Can’t See

Life has been full speed ahead lately. No time for gramming, just living and moving and going and growing. I’ve found a beautiful new rhythm amidst it all by simply prioritizing rest much more consistently. “Yes” is much more intentional and no is much more often. I am a better “me” because of it. Stress doesn’t push me over the edge and I have much more grace and patience by simply soaking up sabbath rest. Who knew it wasn’t just obeying for obedience-sake, but rather a gift to receive and thrive. Ha! God can do much more with my little than I can do with a lot and I’m so grateful for this season and the sweetness of it all. “No” use to feel like denial or letting go or sadness, but all I feel now is expectation. God knows what is good for us at the right times. He asks us to clear our plates because he has new good things coming. Hope springs forth again. New good is coming…and with that our faith begins to stir. Declaring from a new perspective. He’s up to something again. And though my eyes can’t see, my heart can. He is good and he’s up to something good. Get ready.

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