Rachel Jenae

The Process of Living

I bought this table magazine last fall and am finally diving into it. To say that it speaks my heart’s language, would be an extreme understatement. The subtitle says it all, “The process of living from the heart”. This has been like a freedom course in the most beautiful form. It’s so raw and real on every page. Engaging my heart, asking hard questions, all while inspiring the creative dreamer in me to soar. As soon as I saw the name of the volume, I knew it was for me in this season. “Creativity Unlocked” Loving every page and soaking it up. Do yourself a favor and get this (along with any of the previous 3). You can find out more and order them from Cageless Birds or find them all on Amazon.
If you’re in a season and want to dive into your own personal freedom – mental, emotional, or spiritual – below are a few resources I’d HIGHLY/STRONGLY recommend. And let’s be real, who doesn’t need more freedom. I’d love to hear any other resources you’d strongly recommend!
Battlefield of the Mind, by @joycemeyer
Gateway Kairos 1&2