Rachel Jenae


Recently I did some major trimming in our yard.  For months I’d been trimming the same vines again and again, preparing areas of our yard for new flowers, but this time I’d had it. Cleaning up only the vines meant I was addressing the same thing again and again, and each time acting as if I wasn’t expecting them to be right back in a couple of weeks. This time I was going to the roots. I got out the shovel, dug in deep and pulled with all my might. It called for my undivided and focused attention. It took much more force than trimming the vines, and I had to get down into the dirt and mud to pull it out, but I knew if I did it just right it would be the last time I had to deal with this guy.

As I finished a long day of yard work I couldn’t help but think about how many areas of my life I treated the same way as those vines – dealing only with the surface issues again and again, expecting to move forward onto planting beautiful things only to be entangled by the vines a short time later. There were root systems in place I wasn’t addressing and they would require my undivided attention before the Lord to dig them up once and for all. It would take being willing to get in the mud and wrestle with areas in my own heart. To take the time to uncover the deep things. Because sometimes, most of the time, it’s much easier to hack and trim at the surface issues than to take the time to uproot the source and come face to face with your own need and imperfection. But it’s needed, it’s necessary and it will be worth it. #lessonsinthegarden#lessonsinthemud