Rachel Jenae

Retreat: A necessity

Snow for a day has made this vacation even sweeter! It felt like Christmas waking up to a blanket of white, not to mention spending quality time with some of my most favorite people.

I’ve retreated to the mountains of Colorado for the last seven years and each time it does something sweet for my heart and soul. I always plan it in the fall, knowing that the tendency of the season is to get busier and busier. So I plan a trip full of rest and writing and people who inspire me to live and choose out of my core values instead of the rat race of culture, and time to sit with Jesus with no agenda and simply listen.

I actually discovered it on accident and then just kept coming back. And it would be easy to skip and invest time and money elsewhere but it’s my #soulcare. Being in nature, creating something with my hands, mountains, plants, being with soul sisters, taking photos, and getting out of my usual bubble are all things that help my heart exhale big and deep.

So what’s yours? Big or small – because seasons of life change. It may not work to take a trip in this season of life, but where or how do you retreat for some intentional soul care? How often do you check in with your heart and really give it time to exhale? Like reallllly exhale. That exhale will get some things out that may be clogging your heart from truly living and make room for some new things you can now receive.

Love you friends and cheering you on!