Rachel Jenae

One Day

This past weekend I had the opportunity to get away to a cabin in the woods for a day with several creative artist friends. We stayed up late talking by the fire, enjoyed a little of the beautiful “winter” weather in the outdoors of Texas and brainstormed some creative ideas for the near future. We were only there one day, but it was enough. Enough to inspire our hearts and refresh our minds.

A lot can happen in one day. Amidst whatever the day holds or we expect it to bring. Everything can change in a moment, a second, in one day. Whether it be the way you think, the way you see life, a phone call, a job offer, God revealing more of Himself to you in a way you never knew possible, Him healing an area of your heart you thought would forever be broken or mangled, you getting an idea that could change the world, something happening you never thought possible… anything can happen in just one day.

Are you ready for today?