Rachel Jenae

Life Update!

LIFE UPDATE…A year ago I started hearing God tell me transition was coming. Of course I thought I had an idea what that would look like and when it would happen, but God loves a good surprise and what He plans is always worth the wait. As the end of 2019 approached I still had no idea what was coming accept a deep sense that 2020 would be my personal leap year. Into the new year doors began to open and I knew it was God confirming His timing.

Looking back 17 years ago when God led me to Dallas, I came to attend Bible college and that was my only plan. Following that I was sure I’d be traveling the world. I was fearless and determined to change the world. But then God did the best thing He could have done for me – He planted me in the most beautiful community of people to grow and be cultivated. Everything about my life changed because of the soil He planted me in at Shady Grove Church.

Seven years in that community and God expanded my world to Gateway Church. For the last 10 years that has been home. Friends that are more like family and a job that has felt more like equipping for life. My time at Gateway has taught me more than I could sum up in a post and more than I’ll ever really know. God has blown me away through so many seasons in this House – through mountaintops and valleys – I am overwhelmingly grateful to grow under this leadership and for the opportunity to be on this team that is indeed changing the world!

SO WHAT’S NEXT…As doors began to open earlier this year God indeed surprised me. I knew it would take a leap – little did I know just how much of a leap with a global pandemic around the corner! Transition is finally here and I have accepted a Groups Pastor position at Victory Worship Center in Tucson, Arizona! I was born and grew up in southern Arizona and I’m so expectant for what God is doing in this community and region of the country!

Gateway Family, if I didn’t get to hug your neck before leaving, know that I love you and am beyond grateful for all of you! To Gateway leadership, THANK YOU for trusting me and investing in me! This isn’t goodbye, but see ya later! ??‍♀️?❤️

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