Rachel Jenae

It’s Contagious

Seasons of life.

Another week has gone by and I’m finally managing to post. After one week at my new job, I am beyond excited with the opportunities that lie ahead!  Learning, learning, learning and starting to feel the fresh air of a new season before me!  I’m excited!

I’ve been thinking a lot about seasons of life today and how they each play a strategic part in the big picture of it all.  One is preparation for the next and, more often than not,  we don’t even know the fullness of why we were in that season.  Some where we struggle and fight and do our best to hurry through and others we wish we could stay in for a lifetime.  They each play their part and I believe they are really very perfectly timed by God. He knows what’s coming and what we need to learn.  He knows what has to be stripped off of us to be able to carry what is coming.  He knows when the rains coming and the seed has to be planted at just the right time inside of you to grow to it’s fullness.  He knows.

I’ve sat more than once in amazement and gratefulness at the complete perfect timing of God this past week.  I’ve been hearing stories from close friends of things they’ve waited and dreamed about and how those things are just falling in their laps with zero effort on their behalf after years of striving and begging.  It’s almost too good to be true.  Can it really be like this?  Can life really be this good?  Does God really do that? Don’t I need to help Him out?  Is this a taste of Heaven?  Can my heart really feel this satisfied on earth?

I almost hate to write these out because I also know so many people who aren’t in this same season.  I have friends who are crying and hurting and have been in such a long season of waiting and wondering over things in their lives that they want to throw in the towel.  They almost don’t know what to even do with their hurt and desire.  Family members who are sick and without God intervening will die.   Hearts that are plagued with such past guilt and shame they don’t know how to look forward.  Fear that has people paralyzed and stuck in a rut.  Or, the story I see and don’t even have to hear, hopelessness:  apathy and monotony written on the faces of people passing by with no vision for tomorrow.  Yes, these are the stories I hear much more often than those good stories above.

But today… today I’m writing from one perspective.  One that continues to overflow from 2010…one I hope to write from for the rest of my life.

Gratefulness.  Utter gratefulness.  And Joy.  Sweet, sweet joy.

Not focusing on the situations I find myself in but on God’s goodness and faithfulness.  Not on me, but on the lives of others.  Not on what I can do in my short life and limited resources, but on what huge, big, amazing, adventurous plans God has in store!

And one thing I’ve found from those around me who live this way… it’s contagious!  So go live out your gratefulness!