Rachel Jenae

It’s All Gonna Work Out

Over the last few months I’ve found myself saying repeatedly, “It’s all gonna work out!” And with that I throw my hands in the air and throw on a quirky smile. How? I’m not sure, but it continues to all work out. Not because of my planning or stressing, but rather the opposite. I just do the next thing and go with it.

I also quit something. I quit trying to help God so much. I quit expecting the unrealistic, perfect plan in my head to come into reality and instead ask God to show me how to move forward and go with the next door that opens. It’s really simple and much more fun!

It’s embracing the adventure of each day and letting God surprise me. I make my plans and then give them to God to open or close. I ask for his mercy and grace on each day and choose to enjoy whatever He brings. Thank you St. Francis of Assisi, you summed up quite well.