Rachel Jenae

Into the Woods

Into the woods – the mere thought makes my heart happy-to be surrounded by it all. This morning I’m reflecting on a beautiful year of adventures near and far – into woods and mountains and beyond. But not just the adventures, but those I got to adventure with! They made it all the sweeter.

A friend recently told me how she calls all of her close friends her Circle of Trees. They surround, root down, rise up and turn everything into breathable air. I am borrowing this and because I love oak trees and how large they grow and how long they stand (and withstand the elements), I’m calling these cherished friends my circle of oaks. I would not be who I am without them.

I’m beyond grateful for schedules aligning (Lord knows that’s the most challenging!), for friends that feel more like family, and open doors to make new memories in a new season of this journey. You beautiful friends continue to amaze me! Through all of your battles you still stand tall. You don’t lose heart. You continue to take forward steps. You fight the good fight and walk in grace and beauty. You’re real, authentic, encouraging, mothers, sisters, daughters, wives, wearing a million other hats and through your own battles big and small, your hearts continue to bravely hope and believe that the best is yet to come. I’m grateful you’re YOU, my circle of oaks. You make this life’s journey rich indeed! ❤️

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