Rachel Jenae

I Never Want to Forget

I never want to forget this season.

When less felt like more.
When a tiny kitchen was perfect.
When the desert and heat of summer were a sweet answer to prayer.
When quarantine prepared me for transition.
When hard felt oddly easy.
When the world shutting down made moving costs crazy low.
When waiting finally made sense.
When God took care of every detail…yet again.

A month ago I moved across the country (well 3 states that is) amidst one of the craziest seasons in the world and I’ve never felt God’s goodness so tangibly. It still feels too easy. Not that there hasn’t been challenges, but I expected harder.

One night recently I was watching the sun go down behind the mountains with a million colors painted across the sky and for the first time I really took it all in. Mountains surrounded me. Every single view beheld them. It had only been a few short months ago as doors were opening all around and I was wrestling to know which way to go, that I whispered to the Lord, “What about the mountains?” I was happy to go wherever He was leading, but I really thought the mountains were next. Not just the mountains, but that one question held all my desires in one. But God said nothing that day, so I left it there and tucked it back away in my heart.

It was a few short weeks later that I got a call from a friend about a job in Tucson. In our first conversation he started telling me about the mountains. On my first trip it was impossible not to take notice of them, but it wasn’t until the other night while sitting in silence that I finally took them in. God didn’t give me just one mountain to answer my question, He’d surrounded me with them. I would have been happy with one, but this, this was overwhelming. Then I heard God whisper, answering all of my spoken and unspoken questions, “No matter the question, this is my reply to the desires of your heart. I’m not answering because I have to, but because I want to. You still don’t understand how much I love you.”

All I could do was smile through my tears. His love had overwhelmed me yet again. All of my “what about….” questions were met in Him and His overwhelming desire for me. He wasn’t annoyed by my desires, no, He was moved by them, because He had put them in me. They were his desires too and no matter where I tucked them away He was still holding onto them.

I never want to forget this season.