Rachel Jenae

Come with Me

“Come with me to the most populated prison in the world…The prison of want. You’ve seen her prisoners. they are “in want”. They want something. They want something bigger. Nicer. Faster. Thinner. They want. They don’t want much, mind you. They want just one thing…Just one more thing. ” @maxlucado
I’ve been stuck on one chapter of a book I ever so randomly picked up to do some “light reading” while staying at a friends house recently. It wasn’t until I got a little farther into this specific chapter that I realized it was talking to me. I maybe wasn’t collecting cars or new clothes every week, but I too had started to want just one more. Always looking ahead. Discontent with the present goodness – always striving to make it better. Some would call that ok. They’d say ambition and being driven are great qualities, but more than likely they are never satisfied either. Consumed with the never quite enough.
Growing up my mother told me quite often to be content. I confused her words with apathy and rejected them. It was years before I realized her wisdom. Years before I realized contentment is a state of the heart. A fully embracing of the present. Not disregarding dreams and desires, but a steadfast gratefulness for today, because if you miss the present, miss the good of today, then tomorrow will never be good enough either. You’ll be trapped in the prison of your own “wants” and wonder why joy can never be found in the present. Never realizing you hold the key.