Rachel Jenae

Lessons from a Lighthouse

If you look closely you’ll see a little lighthouse. Not doing anything flashy just standing steady. But when the dark of night descends and fog and storms roll in, that same lighthouse will shine her steady light – bright for all who need to find their way to solid shores again. She doesn’t have to shout and parade, she just has to shine as she was created to and quite naturally she will direct all in need back to sure footing. She’ll guide those in storms, who will set their compass on her light, back to the safety of home again. Her job is simple, keep the light burning bright. She may not be the one to rescue at sea, she may not be the home to shelter on shore, but if she keeps her lamp burning she’ll do what only she was created to do and countless lives will be saved.

Anyone else get easily distracted to do all the things instead of the one thing you know you were created to??? ??‍♀️ Or maybe in this season you’re not quite sure what that focus should be, so you’re just saying yes to everything to feel useful. Seasons change and often should our focus. Saying no is probably one of the hardest things for most of us. But one intentional “yes” often requires ten “no’s” to guard it.

As we officially launch into the first day of Fall today, what is one thing you’re choosing to say “no” to in this season?