Rachel Jenae

Jocelyn’s Warrior

This is from a recent issue of the women’s magazine (Studio G) produced at my church and an article written by Kassie Dulin. I love the design for this article, but I also really love Kassie’s take on life and waiting for her warrior. If you’ve measured your life down to waiting on God for Him to meet the one desire of your heart that doesn’t seem to have been met yet, I challenge you to take a look at life from a different perspective. God giving you, or not giving you, the desire of your heart is not Him rewarding you or punishing you, though I know in our human understanding we can often think that, but maybe He’s after so much more. Maybe He’s still trying to convince us that we were made for Him and He truly can satisfy ALL of our heart. I’m guessing the majority of us don’t really believe that. Check out her article below!

Be sure to click on the StudioG link above to read more great articles from last falls issue.¬†You can also enlarge the pictures below by clicking on them. I’d love to hear your thoughts!