Rachel Jenae


When tilling and planting and weeding and pruning and fertilizing finally come full circle and you get a glimpse that it will all be worth it!
Remember that herb garden I was so excited about? Well little did I know in all my tilling that I made a new home for some moles. They have had a field day digging tunnels in that newly tilled, fresh soil-of-a-bed. I thought they’d ruined any chance of all those seeds finding their way to the surface and sprouting…BUT today, after a few days of rain, I see sprouted greens everywhere! I had almost given up hope, but those seeds were still growing and maturing and working their way to the top. And while the rain was nurturing the seeds it was causing all those mole tunnels to cave in with the weight of it! Mr. Mole is gonna have to find another home.
If you’re anything like me you may need a reminder to put on patience today. The rain is here and all those seeds you’ve planted in yourself or in others are making their way to the surface to sprout and bear a harvest. All in due time, but don’t give up hope.