Rachel Jenae

If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes

Fridays you can find me right here. Soaking up 67 degrees of perfection in the sun ☀️ ✌🏻listening to podcasts, reading and sky gazing. Over the last 7 months I’ve embraced rest like never before. I’ve wrestled with boredom and the culture that says you must do more to be more. I’ve stepped into a space of not achieving that I never would have believed possible. Ive put aside the daily list I made for myself. I’ve made regular chiropractor appointments to heal a wounded and stressed neck. I’ve taken better care of a few close friends instead of trying to care for all the people in my life. I’ve let myself off the hook – of meeting others expectations, of arriving and mastering certain things in life by a certain point in time, of perfection (or the thought that I am and every failure being a huge disappointment). I’ve been embracing (eh, more like wrestling) process and sitting in it instead of racing forward or away from it. I’ve sat and poured out my soul to Jesus in all the good and ugly ways more than I knew I needed. Because He comes and fills every space we make room for him to fill. To arrest our brokenness and sit with us in the process.
I’ve realized time and time again that 99% of the time the life we have is the life we want. If you want your life to look and feel different then make choices to change it. Cause if nothing changes, nothing changes. So take the time to dig and wrestle in your own heart and life and own your season. God is so much more ok with our slowing down to not achieve than we are and having a healthy culture of rest will always contradict the culture.