Rachel Jenae

I Know There’s More

I know there’s more to this.
I know there’s more in me. 
I know there’s more to You.
Come pour it out,
We’re crying out.
– – – –
I’ve found that words are typically needing a space to be released. They need permission. They need birthed in an atmosphere of expectancy that can receive them and bear them. Often times word seeds are thrown out and if the soil is not ready, if the soil can’t receive them because it’s too hard and dry, they are like precious pearls stomped in the mud. Sometimes our own hearts can’t receive them much less those around us. We are our worst critique. But when they find the right place they sink deep and not only are they received, but they start bearing fruit. These words don’t need fully understood. They don’t need the end to be figured out. And they don’t need perfected. They just need released. God will take care of the rest – the author of it all.
Words need to be cried out because the soul is crying out. Our souls know what we were created and designed for. Even when they wrestle, they know. “As deep calls to deep, so my soul longs for thee.”
Listen to your soul and what it’s crying out for. Don’t shove it down, instead listen close. Step away from everything if needed, and for your life’s sake don’t ignore your heart. Your destiny and full potential are contingent on you living fully from your heart. God made you in His very likeness, of course your destined to be glorious and beautiful, larger than life and courageous. There are songs to be sung, books to be written, and encouragement to be given.
So, have you stopped to listen to your heart recently? What is it saying? What in you needs released to a world in waiting?