Rachel Jenae

How’s Your Courage?

How’s your courage? Some seasons of life require more courage than others and some seasons are dead-set on stealing it. But all throughout the Bible we see God telling his people to be bold and courageous and it was always at times where they were being promoted, where there was an opportunity to win right around the corner that they couldn’t see yet, or when God knew that where they were going was better than staying where they’d been.

Time after time, dis-couragement always comes right before breakthrough. Fear always plagues us right before victory. Putting on courage is not a suggestion, it’s a command because God knows who you are and he’s wanting you to act like His kid.
So if your courage is under fire, go ahead and step into rest again. The confident rest that if God said it, He will do it. The confident rest that you’re a child of God, made in his image and courage is a character of His Kingdom. The confident rest that the victory belongs to our God. He is in you and he is for you, so who can stand against you?! It’s time to put on some courage and get moving!