Rachel Jenae

Gardening and Other Things

“It’s easier than you think.” That’s the phrase I’ve heard come out of my mouth again and again in this season about my little garden, but actually about so much more. You know that thing you’ve decided you don’t have time to even try. Its easier once you just start.

Gardening has been an eye opener to soooo much more than gardening. People ask how I grow the tiniest garden bed and I chuckle because I thought the same thing. But the truth is, I got soil, planted seeds and water them. That’s it. I have a “green thumb” simply because I started and I know those 3 things.

This is my fourth year to plant and each year I learn more. Last year was a total flop, but it didn’t stop me from planting again. Some things may need tweaked, but you won’t know until you start. You can’t plan and figure everything out beforehand. Prep the soil, throw out seeds and just keep watering. Learn and ask questions from those who know more, but just START.

Often in our waiting and watching from afar, while someone else succeeds in an area of their life, we build a massive trophy to their success and downplay the simplicity of just starting. Start where you are with what you have. And know that it will require work. You must get involved and in the dirt to plant seeds. So if you’re afraid of a little hard work good luck growing anything in life. And some years may totally flop, but you’ll learn then too (Hello 2018!). Just choose to start again and trust the process, because the fruit only comes after the sowing. Annnd you’d be surprised how fast some fruit comes. Not all sowing takes years to return. Just start. #lessonsinthegarden